There is sunshine and there is rain,
There is laughter and there is pain.
There is loss and there is gain,
There is hope in Jesus name.

Look back and thank God.  Look forward and trust God. 
When you're lonely, I wish you Love.

When you're down, I wish you Joy.
When things get complicated, I wish you Faith.
When things look empty, I wish you Hope.

Worry looks around,  Sorry looks back,  Faith looks up.

In  times  of  stress,  still  be  at  peace ;
In  busy  life,  rest  and  release ;
In  times  of  failure,  joy  is  found ;
In  persecution,  strength  a  bounds ;
In  desperate  times,  your  hope  sustains ;
In  loneliness,  His  love  remains ;
In  times  of  struggle,  find  a  door ;

In  times  of  death,  life  ever  more .